2010? Seriously?

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starchildI’ve barely gotten used to writing 200X on the few things I actually have to date and now I’ve got one less zero to worry about (well, come 2011 I will). This, of course, makes me wax nostalgic about the last ten years and all the things that happened in them.

With almost the same fervor that I wanted 2001 to be like the book/movie, I hope and hope that 2010 is nothing like 2001’s sequel. That movie just sucked balls.

Almost as if it were yesterday, I remember spending the rollover of the millennium stuck in my office in downtown Dallas waiting for the world to end. Luckily I was pretty damn drunk and nothing other than the nineteens ending happened. If all hell had broken loose I’m not sure I could have done much more than laugh my ass off. It might have actually been rather entertaining if the bowels of the earth had opened up and all sorts of nastiness wreaked havoc all over the oddly un-empty downtown area.

I digress.

Ever since the piles of magazines declaring “decade in review” started showing up on our doorstep a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about these past ten years (as I mentioned above) and what made them good/bad/indifferent.

Unlike the previous couple of decades that I’ve been privy to, I paid attention to almost then entire aughts or zeros or naughtys? I’ve been pretty happy with how life has progressed for me (outside of a couple of moronic political moves that have driven me to actually give a rat’s ass), and I’d like to say that I’m better off now than I was ten years ago.

Did that sound exactly like everyone else’s summary of the decade? Good.  Lord knows I love being a sheep. In the next couple of days before I go into a self-induced coma to protect myself and my loved ones from experiencing me during what I term the “deep holiday season,” I’m going to go over some of my favorite and least favorite things from our lovely 2000’s. More than just a summary of the past ten years, this exercise will help me figure out what I need to drop on eBay come Jan 1, 2010 so I can begin a new decade of hoarding.

Out with the old and in with the new.

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