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breakfast_saladBreakfast is an odd meal. For Americans at least, breakfast is pretty much the only meal that has predefined “rules” for what can be served. Think about it, having breakfast for dinner is a huge treat and breakfast at lunch is just brunch (though the rules around brunch are odd in their own right). Unless you are a college student (where all rules for just about everything are thrown out the window), you eat your sugar-based bready object in the morning and more protein-related foods in afternoon and evening.

This got me thinking. Why not breakfast salads? The closest most people get to a salad first thing in the morning is a bowl of cubed fruit that is mostly cantelope and honeydew melon filler. Cubey fruit does not a salad make.

What is even more interesting is that many of the best salad fixings are standard breakfast foods. Bacon (a.k.a. manna from heaven) and hard-boiled eggs are standardly accepted; croutons are nothing more than toast, and potatoes are a key ingredient in Niçoise salad. I’m not suggesting anything as radical as a maple vinagrette, but they are out there.

Break convention, people! Throw the rules on their ear. While not as portable as that pop-tart or a cruller, eat some damn green stuff for breakfast.

All this food talk is making me hungry. I’m off to have a Craz-E Burger. Someone call my cardiologist.

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