Put the mouse back in the box

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So, now that Nic Cage is doing  pretty much nothing but being Disney’s bitch boy (I would actually love to be in that position), he’s throwing off all the pretense that he tried, at one point, to be a serious, dramatic actor.

Normally I would abhor any attempt at making an “adaptation” of a segment of the genius that is Fantasia, but, if you look at it as in no way related, the trailer for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice actually looks halfway decent.

It does, of course, also have the superglue that binds Nic Cage and Disney together: Jerry Bruckheimer. As long as there is no reference to the founding fathers or any attempted clever juxtoposition of sunglasses and Who songs, I might even enjoy this flick.

Besides, they even tried to kill a crowd of people while making this one.

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