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As a semi-human who sits in front of a computer for the better part of my time awake each day (and another good part while I’m asleep), I peruse a lot of blogs. I used to try and limit the number of sites I’d hit in a given day because I just don’t have that good of an organization system. That was all before Google Reader.

Now I’m in compartmentalized heaven; and I wanted to share some those compartments. Sometimes I have a method to my organizational madness, but I’m not even going to come close with the following list other than these are the blogs that I hit on a religiously several times a day.

Badder Homes & Gardens
I check for new posts on this blog at least four times a day. I’m a little biased in that I know the lovely ladies that create the content and helped them get their current incarnation of the site together, but their posts are top notch bitchery. That whiny daughter of Martha Stewart has nothing on these three.

Pearls Before Swine
I’m a huge fan of Stephen Pastis’ bizarre daily comic strip, but that doesn’t come close to holding a candle to his blog rants. This crap is the true definition of LOL and ROFL. If nothing else, read through his chronicle about visiting Iraq with a passel of other cartoonists. You’ll never look at Family Circus the same again.

Super Punch
Super Punch is relatively new to my list of daily reads, but it seriously seems like it was written expressively for me. I think I have favorited more posts from Super Punch in the last three months than all of my other favorite blogs combined. Video games, comic book geekery, toys, art: a little bit of everything can be found at Super Punch.

Vinyl Abuse
It’s a well established fact that I am a toy junkie. Helping to feed that need is Vinyl Abuse. I honestly feel that I would have missed out on more than one exclusive release if it weren’t for the constant feed of posts from Vinyl Abuse. I also love that they cover a wide range of customs and showcase artists who don’t get a lot of exposure, but probably should.

The Original Winger
Like Super Punch, TOW seems custom made for my tastes: soccer, art, music, etc.. TOW doesn’t provide the most indepth soccer info, but it does a pretty damn good job of getting all that is happening in the world of footie while keeping me up to date on which kicks I should be wearing.

The Offside Rule
I find The Offside Rule to be similar to The Original Winger, but more heavy on the footie content. They seem to be loosely related, but manage to not step on each others’ toes in their coverage. I tend to find the writing at The Offside Rule to be a bit more humorous than at TOW, but I may just have a jaded sense of humor.

What can I say, NOTCOT is like an online museum of the purely awesome. I’ve never been able to tell if NOTCOT is a design blog, a gadget blog, or even a culture blog, but it’s got a funky format and enough tidbits posted twenty-four hours a day (no lie) to keep me coming back many times a day to see what they might be offering. I get lots of ideas whilst perusing NOTCOT.

I Can Has Cheezburger?
I’m a total sucker for stupid cat pictures and Cheezburger is the king. I’m pretty sure awkward pictures with big text overlay captions began with them and I’m a staunch supporter.

OK, that’s enough for you to digest in one sitting. Get out there, do some good reading, and let me know how genius I am for exposing you to some seriously good online content. That is all.

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