The creative process

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For the most part, I consider myself wildly creative but horribly untalented. Over the past couple of years I’ve managed to cludge together some (what I consider) pretty decent creative output, but I always seem to struggle with it.

That’s one of the reasons I really wanted to get this little ray o’ internet sunshine going: to help keep the creative process fresh and new in my thick technical skull.

Don’t get me wrong, I flow forth with creative outlets every day. I realize that it takes a certain type of deep geek to understand, but there is a flowing beauty to lines of computer code that many people can easily recognize. If anything, my slight synesthesic tendencies (I’ll definitely explain that at a later time) help me take the shapes and pictures in my head and turn them into defined logic. I just wish I could take the pictures and shapes in my head and turn them into pictures and shapes more easily.

One of the most humorous things about this current little endeavor is that I’ve done just about nothing to define the identity of Not With That Face. In all of my previous efforts in creative effort, flamingkitty and Forkers Centralin particular, the initial efforts have always been with the logo/brand generation and then the website followed (By the way, Forkers shirts and pins are always still available over at that website). I’ve still not figured out what to do in conjunction with this particular site.

Funny thing is, I’m not really considering that a bad thing. So far, the writing has been the focus of this for me.

Maybe, someday, I’ll even get good at doing that.

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