Holiday Aftermath

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Yesterday I had myself a bit of a rant. Yup, I’m not a fan of Christmas and I wasted an entire blog post bitching about what I didn’t like about it.

Today I’m better, so that post is gone. I’m still not a huge fan of Christmas (no Dickensian revelations for me), but why the hell should I harsh everyone else’s mellow? Last night I got to see Hagfish play a reunion show to a fantastic hometown crowd, so all was well with the world.

All-in-all, yesterday wasn’t that bad. I think it’s all the lead-up to Christmas that really raises my ire. Frantic people bustling around like ants under a magnifying glass all at the last minute and with a “drive” and “purpose” that pretty much isolates many people from such common things as politeness and human decency.

Never is it so apparent that people suck than at the holiday season. Thankfully, that’s over. All we have left is the “amateur hour” drinking holiday of New Year’s Eve: a night where every year people are shocked and appalled at the number of DUIs and other police incidents. Since we are moving towards a semblance of economic recovery, I’m very curious to see if this year is worse than the past few, or better.

Then we can move ourselves right into 2011. I know I will be annoyed by the packed yoga classes I will encounter for the first few weeks of the year as people attempt to adhere to their resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I find it very encouraging when people make the effort (however slight it may be) to follow through with some sort of self-improvement plan at the start of the year. I’ve attempted and failed so many times that it’s almost funny. I know the larger yoga classes will annoy me a bit, but kudos to those folks who actually got off their lazy butts and got in the room. That’s the hardest part of the process.

Bring it on.

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