The Lackluster Return

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mehBoy howdy I love me some gaps. It’s been almost three years since I have managed to pull together enough gumption to put my thoughts together enough to vomit them all over your screen.

Sure, there have been several half-baked and half-thought ideas since early 2013, but never any real motivation to gather them concretely and click the “publish” button. The sad thing is that I’ve really lost my voice. I read back over the stuff that used to spill out of me and I’m a tad jealous that I used to be so prolific. Hell, it looks like 2009 and 2010 were a bumper year for my brain-grinding.

It is totally understandable, though. 2010 marked the beginning of a completely new phase in my life that, in a fashion, pushed me to not devote a whole lot of time to exercising that portion of my brain. My workaholic tendencies kicked in and I did little more than devote myself to working. In that way, I disappointed myself in the way I let that muscle atrophy. Popping out pithy tripe used to be a walk in the park and now I have to actually focus on it and that sucks a lot. It’s almost as if the technical side of my brain went ahead and decided that all the unicorn fluff, monkeys flinging poo and unbirthed lolcat memes had to be boxed up and shoved out of the way to make room for server configurations, project schedules, development plans and, shudder, responsive design.

Ultimately, though, who gives a rat’s ass. This post is the proverbial “shaking the dust off” entry to get the little grey cells to look at the world in a slightly different slant. I’m in serious danger of becoming yet another boring 40-something and there is no way in hell that I’m alright with that. Hell, we are a week away from a new Star Wars movie and I’ve nary posted a peep about it. Trust you me, I’ll be submitting myself to a couple hours of quality Jar Jar torture to atone for that crime against humanity. In fact, my lovely girlfriend has yet to see any of the prequels, so we are going to try and motor through those before Episode VII. Yes, I know that large portions of those three movies can get me brought up on Geneva Convention violations, but it’s a necessary evil. At the very least, she’ll get to fully understand where Luke’s whinyness comes from.

OK, time to close the book on this pity party and get ready for everything that is coming up. I didn’t spend that almost three years totally sitting on my thumbs. There’s been books galore, a smattering of video game play that even sparked off a sort of college reunion, music of my “youth” making a triumphant comeback, and the marvelous return of Dungeons and Dragons to my weekly-ish routine. So much potential for such mirth.

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