Yoga Day 3: in the losing team’s locker room

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For this first portion of this posting, imagine me sitting in front of a bank of microphones behind a press table with some terrible satin curtain or backdrop behind me.

Reporter 1: “What happened today?”

Me: “My head wasn’t in it and that’s got to be one of the most important things to bring to the game. I started out strong, but quickly realized that this was a long-haul endeavor and my mind just wasn’t on the prize.”

Reporter 2: “What would you have changed?”

Me: “That’s what is so frustrating:  I’m just not sure. Maybe it was the time of day, or maybe it was the barometric pressure. Hell, it could have been the traffic patterns on the way to the studio that threw me off. I’m just not sure.”

Reporter 3: “Is this going to affect you long term?”

Me: “I hope not. I’m chalking today up to a good learning experience. Nobody is 100% 365 days a year. Today is done and tomorrow is right around the corner. All that I can ask for in myself is that I remember what transpired today and use that to strengthen my resolve. Today wasn’t my worst effort, but it was definitely disappointing.”

Reporter 2: “What comes next?”

Me: “Didn’t you already ask me a question? Geez, give the junior reporters some space there. Either way, tomorrow comes next. It is unfair to make brash decisions based on one bad performance.”

Reporter 4: “Is this going to ruin the rest of your day?”

Me: “Definitely not. In fact, it’s already forgotten. Like I said before, it’s was a good learning experience and I’ll take that experience with me as I move forward. I’m goint to take some time today to figure out where my head was at and try and find a way to make sure such distractions don’t affect me in the future. Just making the effort is all I can ask of myself. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, but that’s all the questions I want to take today.”

Needless to say, today’s class wasn’t my best effort. I’m sure my body is a tad mad at me for doing three days of yoga in a row after a pretty sedentary lifestyle for the past two months. I shook out of most of the standing poses and my balance was totally shot to hell. While other students were going into the bow pose, I was working on just standing on one foot.

In the prone poses, I could just feel a lack of concentration in my core. It was like trying to pick up a dozen tennis balls:  I’d focus on another aspect of the muscle groups I was working and something would relax or fall out.

The instructor was really helpful in tweaking my poses so they would work for me and, of course, was amazingly non-judgemental as I flopped around my mat.  Hell, she was even encouraging as I was leaving, but I had disappointed myself a little. I guess disappointment is too strong a word for it, but the closest word I can think of. I recognize that I am making progress, and I realize that every day is going to be different — good or bad, but I know I didn’t give 100% today and that’s what I’m ticked about.

Oh well, pity party over. Tomorrow’s class is just twenty-four hours away.

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