Yoga Day 4

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No, I didn’t give up after my bad day; I just got lazy. By lazy I mean I didn’t come home and do a write-up of the awesomeness that was my Day 4. Instead I tooled around town and got a whole lot of nothing done and then the day was over.

Here I am about an hour before my Day 5 class and I figure I better get my Day 4 off of my brain.

Day 4 rocked. I attended the second half of the two-part intro class which is really just a Fire class with more interaction. My big bonus for this class: I was the only one. So, I basically got a private lesson as part of my $10 for 10 days deal. It doesn’t get much better than that!

One thing that I really noticed in my horrific Day 3 was that the heat isn’t affecting me as much as it did on Day 1 or Day 2. I’m not sure I’ve ever sweat as much as have been in these classes, and I have definitely been sweating more over the past two days than the first two days, but I know that is just all the toxins in my body making a hasty retreat. At this point, I may actually be approaching a toxin to normal ratio that is lower than a WIPP site. There goes my Superfund grant application.

Going through the Fire poses with one-on-one attention made me very aware of all the muscle groups that I needed to be paying attention to. I discovered a few poses that I was doing “wrong” are actually a lot easier than I was making them.

The biggest thing I took away from this class was that I have a hard time pulling my abs in while doing most of the poses, and I think I know the mental block that is responsible for this: I’m lazy.

This morning I hurt. I’ve done more constant exercise of a wider variety of muscles in the past four days than I have in years. I enjoy running and I wait in anticipation for the day I can return to the soccer pitch, but this is some of the best all-over exercise I’ve ever gotten.

Four days in and my energy has spiked and my mood improved drastically. Sure, forty minutes into each class I’m screaming at myself in my head, but it’s not even an option to me to give up.

Who the hell is this motivated person?

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